FM Pinochle League

The FM Pinochle League is an organized group of 4 person teams that compete every Monday Night from early October thru Mid March at the Moorhead American Legion. Arranged much like a bowling league, play begins at 7:30 and ends shortly after 9:00. You'll play 8 hands with each of your partners against another team each night. Year end payouts reward the competitive nature of this social game.

12 teams (48 total player) particapate in the league in 2012-13. We play standard area rules with a 19 rope. Year end payouts are spread between team rank, games won, most double pinochle and other prizes designed to keep everyone competitive thru the full year. Basic rules are in place to protect the integrity of the game.

We  recognize that committing to every week (holiday weeks excepted)  is the most often the cited reason for not joining. The League maintains an active roster of substitutes ready to take your spot for your vacations and conflicts in your schedule. However, we also encourage teams to develop their own subs by having 5 or more members on your team. We have not had a team forfeit in more than 20 years.


For the last 20 yrs, the cost has been set at $5/wk per player. About $5 per player per year is taken out for administrators. Proposals to increase or separate the administration fee  is under consideration and will be voted on before league play starts in the fall of 2013.

Other than the administration fee, all fees are paid out at year end. Prize money is paid for the top 3 teams, most double pinochles, highest game, highest table, each 1000 aces and double rope. The balance is split on a per point basis. One point is given for each game, and two for total scores on each table per night.

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